Server Information

Minecraft (Woodenaxe)

This Minecraft server is a bit different from our other servers. Several years ago Woodaxe was run by a different host. It was one of the best Minecraft servers that catered to an adult audience. When I say adult, I don't mean it was all about porn and such, but more that it was a place where adults could enjoy the game without having to censor themselves to protect the delicate ears of the young. It was a much loved community and there is still a semi-active forum at which I encourage you to check out.

The version of the Woodenaxe server that is presented here is a snapshot of the server at the time it was shut down by Matt, the original host. I have put it up with his permission, and as a tribute. As such, only those people that were original members of that community may access it; all access will be restricted by whitelisting.

If you were an original member and would like to join to relive old memories, please contact Bruke on our Discord channel at and he'll get you added to the whitelist for the server.